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Sky High Aerial Photography specializes in professional aerial cinematography and photography.

Whether it is a feature film, promotional video, or aerial photography, Sky High Aerial Photography will deliver a service and product that exceeds your expectations. Utilizing a state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art drone (remote controlled helicopter), Sky High Aerial Photography can capture unique low-­‐altitude angles in positions that cannot be accessed by manned aircraft. This allows for production of superior quality video and photos in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.

Sky High Aerial Photography pilots have over 1500 hours operating drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). This allows Sky High Aerial Photography to fly complex and precise flight paths producing some of the most stunning aerial imagery in the world.

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Peter Flynn – Owner/Pilot




We employ state of the art, remote controlled aerial platforms that are loaded with leading edge technology, including GPS positioning. Our flight capabilities allow us to set the exact position and altitude our clients want images to be captured from.  With advanced live-­‐view technology, we are able to see exactly what the camera see’s allowing us to capture the desired footage of our client’s project.


Reliability and Safety

Sky High Aerial Photography started operations in 2009 and has flown hundreds of commercial operations since with an impeccable safety record.


Permits and Insurance

Sky High Aerial Photography and its equipment follows strict Transport Canada Regulations for UAV (drone) operations for every project. We also carry an extensive liability insurance policy.



Based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Sky High Aerial Photography was established in 2009. Peter Flynn is the chief UAV Pilot and Photographer.



Why Sky High Aerial Photography?

Sky High Aerial Photography specializes in taking aerial images while staying on the ground.  The benefits of this system compared to conventional aerial photography include: Higher quality images: because we are at an altitude where we aren’t restricted and are forced to shoot through haze; Pinpoint shots: with the aid of our live view technology as well as overall mobility of the drone; Cost effective: you no longer have to pay for the rental of an aircraft as well as a photographer fee; Fast and reliable: since the client can be on-­‐site to approve the images we photograph, our mobile system allows them to be downloaded, emailed and/or transferred onto a USB media device – all without the wait.

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Each client has specific aerial photography and video needs. Our drone aerial photography prices vary according to the different factors that affect each task. These will include complexity, location, duration, editing (if any), and possibly several others specific to the job.

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